Waterloo tool boxes are some of the strongest tool boxes around. It has been used in a wide array of shops including auto mechanics companies and home garages. Unlike other types of tool boxes, they are sturdier and they can carry heavy amounts of load. They can carry large tools and engine parts. They can even be used to store certain chemicals since they are made with a very strong alloy. As interesting as the tool boxes, Waterloo Valve Company also has a very remarkable history.


History Of Waterloo Tool Boxes

The company started at around 1935. They were one of the first companies that create tool boxes. One of their first products was the simple tool box similar to mechanics. The mechanics used to carry such tool boxes when they go to work. Because of the sturdy design and powerful alloy, the tool boxes are used by plumbers, electricians and even mechanical engineers. The shipping industry and railroad companies also utilize the tool boxes in order to carry their tools for repairing their massive machines.


The Waterloo Tool Boxes Of Today

Today, Waterloo Company is proud to share to the public their powerful tool boxes. They had made the world’s strongest tool storage for just about any kind of tool. Anyone can actually use the toolbox. Even do-it-yourself dads will actually love the style and shape of the toolboxes. Mechanics can use the tool box to carry his drills and screwdrivers. Carpenters will love the size of the toolbox since they can put in their hacksaws and large saws. Even plumbers will be able to use the toolbox since they are waterproof and they are stainless steel in nature. The tool boxes are top of the line and they are reliable to almost any kind of job.


The Best Thing About The Tool Boxes

The toolboxes are effective because they are not only stainless steel but they are also durable. Each box is designed with the highest quality provided with the most reliable needs. The chests are designed in a rugged professional manner and they are portable too. Users can pick from the durable hand boxes or the bulk metal mechanic’s box which can carry any type of tool on earth. The boxes are protected by the Posi-Latch design so that no item will ever fall off or the cover will not accidentally pop out while the owner is carrying it.


A Promise From The Company

Waterloo Tool BoxesThe products are manufactured to be great in any kind of workplace. The tool boxes are of high quality and excellent workmanship. Owners will be able to be safe from their tool boxes since they have a warranty seal from the manufacturer. For the professional tool box series the average warranty period is 7 years while for the Waterloo series and the shop series it is 5 years. For the portable series, workbenches and other products created by Waterloo it is around a year. If we are not happy with his purchase he can simply return the Waterloo tool boxes during their allotted warranty periods.